Dumb Things on Social Media


I have made my fair share of mistakes on social media over the years. I’ve been asked to remove tweets, make “private” certain blog posts, retract comments, censor forum posts, and more.

It’s not fun and the feeling is complex and, sometimes, emotional. What I say and/or think, at least in the moment, felt right (doesn’t it always…?!?). But when I take a step back and/or get a healthy perspective from someone else, I can begin to see my update in an entirely different light.

And those are the healthy encounters. More often, though, I’ve been asked by someone who I essentially feel “just doesn’t get it” and who doesn’t have the experience or context to ask for such a request.

The problem, naturally, is that some of these people, historically, were authority figures and so it behooved me and it was expressed to me that it was in my best interest to do as I was told.

Thankfully, that context and environment is no longer part of my consistent day-to-day, although I am still challenge, on occasion, to reconsider my position (a healthy dialogue goes a long way).

We will all eventually do something dumb on social media. It is, unfortunately, inevitable. It’s like tripping over yourself – we’ve all done it (and sometimes really publicly) but we always (eventually) recover. Our egos are the most bruised, by the way, even though we may feel otherwise in the moment.

It’s okay, it’ll pass.