Early App Concepts: What Can We Build To Help The Community The Most?!

When Peter and I first started thinking about putting together an app we had only one goal in mind:

How can we create something that’ll help our community learn and grow together?

So we sat in a room and started to sketch things out. We first reviewed our own behavior (and especially Peter’s own learning styles) and realized that a lot of how he became an expert at cryptocurrency and bitcoin investing was through a serious amount of reading.

In fact, Peter dedicates a lot of his day reading and reviewing articles, white-papers, and other documents and books so that he can consistently increase his daily knowledge base.

This is why he’s spending so much of his time building out the Bitcoin 90X program and sharing his own behaviors, philosophies, and practices so that you can also have the best crypto-lifestyle!

So we narrowed it down to a few apps and decided that the very first one should be a tool that can help you consume and learn the best crypto news articles available.

Consequently, we started building out what we believed could be the best tool to do just that.

You’ve already seen the first line rough-sketches but here is the very first rough concept art that I put together in Sketch:

I’ve shared a bunch, but, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this basic idea and where you think we should continue to head with it!