Early Spring Cleaning


Auto-complete fail on that tweet!

We’re doing some massive “spring” cleaning with our library reducing our total book county by hundreds. We estimated that we’re getting rid of at least 300 books, but that’s just looking at the piles. It could be more.

Most of these books are from my studies for my two graduate degrees that I completed late last year that I feel I will no longer require at this time. I had hoped to hold onto most of them for some doctoral work but my wife and I agreed that if I need them then I can get them again.

It’s time we pared things down and clean out a lot that we simply do not need.

There are things in all of our lives that are simply excessive and without much worth or merit. We all know how they got there but we have a hard time coming up with reasons why they should stay.

Old books are easy to make a judgement call on – other things like toxic relationships, our current employment, or even our so-called hobbies can be more difficult to remove. It’s not that some of these things are bad (except toxic relationships, of course) but the point is that books are easy in comparison to the much larger decisions that we have to make so that positive momentum and progress can be made in the right direction.

It’s easy to part with some things and very difficult with others. We’re starting easy with books and we, as a family, are preparing for the much harder.