eBooks: Good Marketing Tool?

TL;DR: Yes.

I wrote a comment a while ago and have been asked so many times that I realized I should just write a canonical post!

So, eBooks… let’s talk about that really quickly:

  1. I’ve created & sold nearly a dozen ebooks and even the worst “performing” product still had outsized results; financially and in general brand-building.
  1. The best example is writing a 10-day eBook / eCourse (delivered via MailChimp over 10 days) called “The 10 Days of Bitcoin” — I managed to secure a partnership with Highbrow and I wrote the core content in one single sitting.

Now, I was knowledgeable in the space so I felt very fluent in constructing the content but it was a bit of a crazy-insane rush — there wasn’t a need to do it in a single sitting! But, I’m glad that I finished it quickly.

The results were phenomenal — people loved it:

I got hundreds of these responses and now it’s entirely free via an old forum. By my unofficial count, nearly 100,000 folks have downloaded / read the material and it’s still a major top-of-funnel machine.

And we did everything: BetalistProduct Hunt (we got featured — so many upvotes!), the works. And it built up a newsletter to > 17k subs in just a few months.

Totally, 100% worth it. Crazy-upside, very little work (if you know your material). Get it done and move on to the next startup activity!

Here are some of the other eBooks that I’ve done (that I could quickly find):

Bottom-line is still the same as when I wrote this 6 years ago:

Selling eBooks has been a great place for me to experiment with digital goods, getting a feel for what matters in the market and how the market responds. The low-cost and limited requirements makes it a great beachhead to attack. And, to be honest, it’s something that you could, quite literally, pull together in one single weekend.

Why the hell not?

Indeed… why the hell not.

[Originally published on Indie Hackers.]