The 1st Embeddable Community Platform

One of the more important elements that we’ve just turned on is the ability to embed your community on your own website.

In fact, you can put it in as many places as you’d like! See if you can find the “floating yidget” in these 4 spots:

  1. This blog! It’s enabled in the footer of so I have direct and immediate access to my blog readers from every single post. Finally. So much better than boring comments that add load-time and that are subject to automated spam. Boo.
  2. The YEN.IO landing page! It’s pretty obvious there.
  3. The YENIVERSE community landing page.
  4. Our fun community challenge page: The End of Social.

And although it looks good on desktop:

It’s more effective on mobile handsets and browsers as it’ll sit at the bottom of the screen letting your visitors know that there’s something happening inside the community space that you’ve built:

There are too many benefits to name but here are some of the more fun:

  1. We’ve successfully combined the best parts of a centralized / decentralized architecture so that you have a single and unified community space that can extend and be installed in your wide (and growing) distributed network of websites, landing pages, blogs, and more. Be with your community, wherever they might be! You never have to check multiple instances ever again. Management has become so much easier.
  2. Zero notifications. None. Nada. This will take some getting used to but when you realize that you’re the king / queen of your universe (“yeniverse”) then you get to build it as you want and how you want. No metacreator should feel pressured to come back to their own home and “perform” for guests. That’s what Web 2.0 bullshit was all about. Now, you can relax and commune with others in peace. Trust me, it’ll change your life. You’ll never go back.
  3. It’s crazy quick and stupid-simple to use. We’ve also solved some fundamental issues around moderation because it’s just become impossibly-easy to do! If you don’t like a conversation or a large and growing troll-thread; just delete the room. Goodbye. You don’t lose your community members as they are still there but you can then metaform a new, private room with just select individuals. You can mix / match all you want which maximizes YOUR control as the creator and owner of the space. And, if they don’t like what you’ve built then they can create one for themselves. Eventually, internet moderation will become a thing of the past and we’ll just get back to having more fun on the internet.

We’ve just begun our journey but this new enablement is a major step for us. I’d love for you to try it on any of the websites listed above and then try it for yourself!

It’s really that easy, fun, and surprisingly-refreshing internet experience. Who would have thought?

If you’re a WordPress fan, you can either install it in the <footer> of your theme (like I have) so it’s universally-accessible on every blog post (Appearance >>> Theme Editor >>> footer.php … and then don’t fuck up!):

This is slightly more dangerous…

Or, you can do this manually on each page you’d like to have it show:

  1. Create a new /html block in a post or page
  2. Paste in code!

That’s it! It’s that simple.

Bonus points when you figure out that you can make many of these pages “private” and effectively “hide” unique community spaces from the public view. You could even start charging for limited / gated access.

Infinitely remix-able and unstoppable community — that’s YEN.