Egos in the Room

So, so true:

The next time you catch someone asking you about your story and you can’t explain it in a falsifiable way, pause, and hit reset.

Take your ego out of it.

What you really care about is finding the truth, even if that means the story you told yourself is wrong.

via Farnam Street

Why? Because, evolution:

There’s a bug in the evolutionary code that makes up our brains. We have a hard time distinguishing between when cause and effect is clear,  as with the hot stove or chess, and when it’s not, as in the case of Jane and her wallet.

We don’t like not knowing.

We also love a story.

We all know what it’s like to realize, mid-sentence, that we may actually be incorrect, mistaken, or simply just wrong.

It’s embarrassing, for a brief moment, and then our emotions may take over and we go from zero to 1,000 in a hot-minute! What was once a very pleasant and super-casual chat with a friend is now heated and feelings are starting to get hurt.

We must all learn to do better when it comes to seeking truth over our very own emotions. This is much easier said than actually done, but, the work is necessary and important.

Why? Because even though our emotions are very important to us, the greater opportunities sit in partnerships and in the context of collaboration with other people.

In other words, we’re just better off doing life (and work) in the context of community and we can’t have effective community if all of the egos in the room can’t get along.