Oh El Capitan…


Yup, Desk is ready for El Capitan (was ready). I am excited to have shipped the latest 2.0 but right now I’m deep in the middle of triaging smaller bug issues and analyzing and understanding any of the “fringe” issues that users are coming up with.

And yes… it’s been quite some time since my last update. To be honest, life has been terribly busy and in all the right ways, but, I’ve been completely behind on the blogging front.

I’ve been blogging and publicly writing for more than 14 years. There are seasons where I write a ton and have written multiple times per day per blog. I love those periods. There have also been seasons (like right now) where I only have time to dial in my thoughts on my personal blog and that’s about all I can handle.

What’s nice now is that I don’t feel like I’m necessarily letting anyone down or that I’m letting even myself down. There’s a nice “calm” and “peace” that exists with me and my own writing now and I’m continuing to learn to live in the moment, love the people around me, and enjoy it while it (whatever “it” is) lasts.

It’ll all be gone so quickly you know… we have to capitalize on the things that really matter.