Elements of a Successful Blog

via Wiselike:

What elements go into the creation of a successful blog? Are there certain blog topics which seem to be more attractive to advertisers?

Here’s my answer:


A successful blog seems to all have one thing in common: Content.

I know, that sounds lame, but, I just answered this question in gist here – give it a go:

How are Blogger Able to Make Fresh and Innovative Content on a Regular Basis?

(TL;DR: Write. Just get started. Now. Today.)

Writing is where you start. Passion, heart, character… those all develop as you learn to write in this new medium and get more comfortable with the effects.


If I were to add anything more it would be this:

  • Successful blogs know why they exist.
  • Successful blogs know that consistency is important.
  • Successful blogs have a distinct opinion about the world (and share it).
  • Successful blogs are unafraid to experiment.
  • Successful blogs know that they take time to build.
  • Successful blogs are run by bloggers who don’t quit.

The monetization can come later (or sooner) and is the easier part of the equation.