Elevate Others

Crazy-simple effective practice that can make an organizational culture even better, especially because it really is easy to forget:

I think telling someone’s manager they’re doing great work is a pretty common practice and it can be really helpful, but it’s easy to forget to do and I wish someone had suggested it to me earlier.

via Julia Evans

And, in typical fashion, Julia’s tried to be comprehensive with as many additional considerations, like “asking for permission” first, which, is a good idea in many circumstances; although, sometimes I think we can often over-engineer these things.

The baseline principle is this: Sharing the good work that’s being done throughout the entire organization makes the organization a better place to work because it means that business cares about transparency and high-levels of communication.

As an organization gets bigger this becomes even more important. And, as a CEO, I want to hear not just the bad but the good; as obvious as this might sound, it doesn’t appear that many folks remember this.

I just want data — whether it’s good or bad is not as important as having it, at the ready, to be used to make our business, product, and culture better.

Elevating others is always in season.