Elon: Building the Future

Just listening to Elon talk through his perspective on the future of humanity is fascinating. I’m not a super-fan of Elon but I believe that he has the courage to pursue things against all odds and that is inspiring.

We need more people like him.

I love this comment when asked about his career plans and ambitions while he was young:

I did not expect to be involved in all of these things. … I was really just trying to be useful.

That’s the story of most of our lives, isn’t it? Most of us are doing things we never thought we’d be doing. It reminds me that investing too much time into “figuring it out” has relatively low value.

Instead, try to find the best avenues to be useful, to create tangible value in other people’s lives. That’s a bit easier to swallow and the rest of the career and vocation stuff will fall in line.