Emotional Intelligence, Diet, and Leadership

All of these things are interconnected, which is unsurprising. If you’re in a position of leadership (or you want to grow into that role) then taking care of the mind, body, and spirit is absolutely fundamental:

But this study is the first of its kind that ties diet, exercise and emotional intelligence together. Emotional intelligence is about knowing one’s true self and using awareness to best respond and relate to others ─ vital for a trusted and effective leader.

Get on that bike (literally) or some other health regimen – it’ll make you a better leader.

And, if you think about it, the required level of self-discipline and cultivated perseverance (and the motivation necessary) says a lot about a person’s ability to lead, not only themselves and but others.

When I see a leader take the time to exercise, invest in other activities outside of work, and especially their relationships (direct family and others) my respect for that individual skyrockets.

And, they become someone I’m much more inclined to follow and listen to as a natural consequence.

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