Emotional Debt

We all know about debt. In fact, most of us have a lot of it.

And I’m not talking about financial debt which I’m sure a bunch of us have as well. What I’m talking about are all the other types of debt that we’ve managed to collect and accrue over time, some of which has been outside of our control.

In fact, much of the debt that we carry has been laid upon us without consent and without any decision-making power.

Emotional debt is like this.

As we move through life we collect experiences, both good and the bad. We meet folks who add value to our lives and make us happy and who help us advance and progress and grow.

And then we also meet folks who steal and rob energy and precious time and who end up hurting us badly. This costs us, in the moment but for as long as we are unable to resolve the issues and heal.

Paying off this emotional debt takes time and often it takes a lot longer than we would hope. In fact, most of us prematurely believe that we’ve moved on and we’ve paid all our debt when in fact we haven’t.

It’s important that we understand this dynamic when we meet others and, of course, we secretly hope that the folks that we meet also understand this reality: That we’re all damaged goods, so to speak, and are in need of more healing than we could ever dare to hope.

But I believe that it can be paid back, in full. It does require help, though, and most people aren’t good at asking for help.