via Wiselike:

What special skills are needed for being a human capital coach that cannot be learned through traditional education?

How does creative thinking help with human capital coaching?

Here’s my answer:

Empathy instantly came to my mind… and it’s not something that I had naturally but something that I had to learn, and it took a long time to learn it too!

There are some people who are more naturally bent this way, they have a unique ability to listen in, to lean in, and almost mentally “hug” you when you talk and communicate with them. This is not me, naturally, but it was a concept, perspective, and skill that was coached into me.

Was this a “special” skill? Perhaps. But, more importantly, I think it can be trained, taught, and coached into people. The rest of the things that make great human capital coaches successful is a ton of practice. This can take a variety of forms, but, ultimately they have spent a great deal of time interfacing and interacting with the very people that they want to serve and help.

There’s nothing more unappealing then having a coach walk in and start giving tips in a context that they have no experience in. That’s just arrogance, as far as I can tell.

How can one coach managers to manage better if they, themselves, haven’t really had a management role with a significant expanse of experience, both in depth and breadth?

It’s like a swim coach assuming they can coach, with excellence, a basketball team. Sure, a few fundamentals are there but the nuances of the game and the experience are foreign and alien.

Empathy requires understanding, above all else.