You are an Emputer!

Roenne and Arden

Roenne and Arden

I recently visited my 1st Grader’s class on Career Day and I was a little nervous because I wasn’t exactly sure how to describe what I did. I wanted to paint a full yet concise picture that made sense in 1st Grade terms.

I wanted to tell them that I was an entrepreneur, not just a software programmer or blogger or someone who stares at their computer all day and types stuff somewhat randomly. I asked my daughter for some advice and see gave me an awesome answer!

In fact, I asked her to type her thoughts out here on this blog post (I love her spelling!):

I called daddy a emputer, but he is entreperner . he likes computers and entreperners. by, Roenne.

So she combined my interest in “computers” but couldn’t quite remember what I had original told her/said but she knew it started with an “e” so she combined the two words and came up with emputer. Perfect. I think the new word sticks!

So I am an emputer, and entrepreneur + computer liker/lover/doer (whatever Roenne said). Makes complete sense.