Ending Well


All great stories have a beginning and an end. Then, those ends create new beginnings.

I’ve discovered that many people decidedly fall on one side or the other, both in perspective and in action. Either they see every opportunity as an opportunity to start something new (a beginning) or they see every opportunity as a challenge to cut short something that is currently in play (an end).

Sometimes this can be described aptly as a glass half-full or glass half-empty type of thing and in a lot of ways that model works. Every step is a discovery of another positive opportunity for something great or every new piece of data is perceived as a bump in the already-bumpy road.

Not surprisingly, I am eternally optimistic about the future. I wear permanently-glued rose-colored glasses to my face when I take a look outside. Here’s an opportunity at something new, there’s another opportunity to try something different, and in everyplace everywhere are options, choices, decisions to be made.

Sure, I get beat up and disappointed and let down at times. I have even struggled with my own bouts of depression, even clinical at one point. Life’s rough, it kicks you in the stomach with no apologies, and you take your beatings as they come.

But you always have the opportunity, despite your perspective on it, to end well. My father taught me that I should always endeavor to end as strongly as I had started and I have failed to do that most of the time. I may have finally gotten it right this time.

8BIT was an idea that I had that was, for the most part, way too impractical to make money, let alone build a business around with thousands of customers. But it happened and I found 3 unlikely-yet-perfect partners to help build something out of nothing.

They made the journey special and to think back on the roads less traveled by our team makes me incredibly emotional. We didn’t do everything right (no business does) but we did just enough (and then some) to build some pretty incredible products, a loyal following, and a brand that I was very proud of.

But it was a collective effort; one where we all played very vital and specific roles. Interns and staff came and went as we grew and changed but the Core 4 (“The Four-Fathers”) stuck around to see what would happen at the very next turn.

And so when it was time to take a serious look at the future and discuss the company as a whole because life was changing in ways for all of us that didn’t perfectly align us together as it once did, we realized that it just didn’t make sense for any one person to carry the mantle, the brand, the business without the other three.

You know, it’s kind of like how a car just isn’t a real (or functional) car without all four wheels aligned and moving together. So, in that way we have decided to end well. We fought together and we would leave the battlefield together.

This venture was a fine adventure and one that has afforded me an incredible amount of experience and learnings – one that I will carry for the rest of my life. I’m so pleased to have worked with such fine professionals and so happy to have known them in the best and the toughest of times.

I wish Chris, Jared, and Tom the very best as they take over the internet one product, one pixel, and one line of code at a time. You should follow them as they are creating some compelling stories that are worth being told.

It’s just time for a new game – time to press start.