A man can’t be too careful in the choice of his enemies.

Oscar Wilde, the Irish writer and poet once said that. It’s true. You must choose wisely.

Steve Jobs was once asked what it was like to be a major developer for the Windows operating system. This was in the context of Apple now deploying iTunes on millions of Windows-based machines, despite the long-standing disgust for Microsoft and PCs.

He said:

It’s like handing a glass of ice water to someone in Hell.

Steve never appeared to be shy about who his enemies were and even why they were enemies in the first place. He never watered-down the emotion of it because it was just as important to know who they were as a company and who they were not.

Pressgram’s enemy is clear: Facebook (and Instagram), and all applications that seek to control or even remove freedoms from the creator. Their intent on commercializing the users’ work at the expense to the user is evil and completely uncreative. They have the money and the collective genius to do it differently.

I know this means that we are now Facebook’s enemy and they may seek to crush us. That’s ok, because that’s our intent as well.

[Read this for more back-story on my battle with this image sharing titan.]