EngOps Newsletter

We’ve been iterating on every part of our small (but growing) project every week and this obviously includes many of our public and more forward-facing experiments as well.

And over the past few months our email newsletter has taken a number of different forms, starting with just an “announce only” newsletter for general and more infrequent updates and then morphing into a daily subscription that included a mega-list of tools, resources, and more.

We ran that experiment for a time and it really worked and we were happy about the immediate growth. I shared a bit of a retrospective here if you’d like a few more thoughts on that.

Then we punted back to just “significant updates” again and took a break to recalibrate our efforts, assess what we’ve done so far, and think about about the next iteration that would make the most sense.

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Fast-forward to today and I’m happy to announce that we’re going to move back towards a more consistent newsletter that’ll grace your inbox a few times a week:

#EngOps is daily, handcrafted publication for the discerning technology & software professional.

It even has a new landing page and dedicated domain (http://engops.is), powered by Curated.co.

Our mission is simple: We want to provide you with the most relevant and useful links around Engineering Operations, stuff that you’ll actually read and use in your daily work.

Internally, I’ve had a personal mantra around the idea of being “hyper-pragmatic” and only surfacing and sharing stuff that I can deploy instantly. The reason is also just as simple: My time is limited and I only want stuff that is actionable.

Besides, the product and platform that we’re building is also centered around that principle: Actionable analytics and insights that not only matter but that you can actually do something with.

So, this newsletter should be part and parcel with that discerning perspective, opinion, and practice. I hope you subscribe and I’d love it if you sent me stuff that you think we should include. Email me anytime: john@pinpt.co.

This is a newsletter by the people and for the people, so, let’s do just that.