Psychologists use the term “enmeshment” to describe a situation where the boundaries between people become blurred, and individual identities lose importance.

Enmeshment prevents the development of a stable, independent sense of self. Dan — like many in high-pressure jobs — had become enmeshed not with another person, but with his career.

via Harvard Business

I think the problem may lie in understanding not just boundaries, but, tradeoffs, which I just wrote about—trying to have everything means that you’ll simply experience mediocre results across the board.

I think a psychologist might consider me “enmeshed” but I’d argue that I’m simply integrated because there aren’t multiple identities vying for control or dominance—there is only one identity.

… and I can barely keep that one together!

I do like one of their suggestions: Rebuilding your relationship network is key for a successful, happy, and rewarding life; that’s what they tell me, at the very least, and so far, so good.