Entitlement is One Helluva Drug

We all know what it’s like when we encounter someone who is, for whatever reason, entitled.

They believe, through their actions, thoughts, and certainly their speech that they inherently deserve special privileges or treatment because of title or birthright or something that they were given but did not actually help in creating or producing.

Acting like a total brat is irrespective and independent of age, social and economic status, race, gender, ethnicity, and every other mix and match person that has walked the earth.

Being a millennial doesn’t automatically make you an entitled human just as being an old, rich, and cisgender white male doesn’t automagically brand you as an entitled human either.

I, like you, have encountered the disease of entitlement in every way, shape, and form. It’s an equal-opportunity maleficence showing zero partiality to who you are and where you come from.

And we all see entitlement in its raw and uncut form online and in the digital space. Whether its a comment on a YouTube Channel or a 140-char tweetstorm or a Facebook status update rant… we encounter people every single day who fundamentally believe that the world owes them something (for nothing).

But real artists, they ship. They continue to work hard despite the negative voices that they encounter. They play hurt. They turn their back on themselves to achieve their mission (entitled folk turn in towards themselves).

Put in that work. Grind.

Why? Because they are no longer amateurs in their feelings. They are no longer amateurs in their beliefs. And, of course, they are no longer amateurs in their thoughts and actions and commitments. They are ambitious. They are professional.

You see, a true professional is everything that an entitled person will never be. They have graduated, moved past the immature voices that keep them from doing great work.

The professional has decided that the world owes them nothing and that through hard work, perseverance, and a little bit of luck (and the muse) greatness can be achieved.

And you won’t find that type of work in a YouTube comment. Ever.

Real artists ship. They show up. Do the hard work. Pay their dues. Nothing is free, everything is earned. That’s a really good drug.

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