Entrepreneur or Software Developer?

via Wiselike:

What among the role of entrepreneur or software developer do you enjoy the most? Being an entrepreneur and a software developer, each has its own challenges and expectations. How do you balance both and what excites you the most?

Here’s my answer:

Balance isn’t a word that I use often and it’s not something that I think I know much about. Instead, I understand that I go through seasons (just like most folks) and that the challenges that exist today are not / will not be the challenges of tomorrow.

If anything, learning the fine art and science of context-switching has been something important for me over the years as I’ve learned to become a better professional, leader, and software developer.

There are some people who are very happy with doing one thing for most of their life and becoming an expert at their craft. I love meeting those people and I love working with them! But, as for me, I’ve discovered that I enjoy learning new things more than I love to necessarily become a master at any one thing.

There are a few things that I have done for years, though, so even I break my own rules (you should feel comfortable doing that).

One of my personal mantras is the following:

Strong opinions weakly held.

I like that. I have strong opinions and thoughts about my work and the work that I do just like most people but I am willing to change things up for if I need to and am willing to admit that I might be grossly wrong about something.

I try to keep an open mind about all things.

Entrepreneurship or software development? I’ll take both, but I think the two are more closely linked that you might imagine. Entrepreneurship is all about testing the boundaries of what is possible… I see software development, at a fundamental level, exactly the same.