Environment Affect Outcomes

The first time I realized that the very physical environment affected the outcome(s) of my work it was like a massive lightbulb went off in my brain.

I can distinctly remember sitting at my grandmother’s old wooden desk that had been passed down to me, warts and all.

It had taken a serious beating over the years and the wood was soft and warm, unlike most desks that are sold today at IKEA. Push a pencil into it and there would be a real hole left over.

But it was on that desk and the surrounding work space where I realized that it was the perfect physical length and depth which resulted in a certain level of undeniable peace in that working environment. I can distinctly remember feeling as if I could do anything here.

Later on I would come to realize that the physical environment was just one part of the much larger equation and that finding all of the missing components and filling the gaps would be a constant and never-ending struggle.

But, the struggle and the challenge can be part of the excitement (if you let it). Finding the right physical, mental, spiritual, and relational environment can have that dramatic affect on your productivity, your well-being, your resolve, and your courage.

And, if I were to prescribe any sort of prioritization it would most likely be ordered as such:

  1. Spiritual
  2. Relational
  3. Mental
  4. Physical

If you can find peace in these areas of life, in that order, then there’s nothing stopping us from being the very best versions of ourselves… there’s nothing that’s stopping us from creating the most value and having the most fun.