Are You One of Us? Do You Have the Publisher’s Esprit de Corps?


I meet you here every single day.

There’s something unique and very special about us, you know? We that consistently create content and pour our hearts and souls onto digital paper for the rest of the world to see.

We have a different perspective on nearly everything in life. We see relationships differently and how they are more fluid than rigid, more dynamic and full of possibility rather than static and ambiguous, and we believe that “the more, the merrier” is true wisdom.

We see meaning in our daily work and routine as having a purpose greater than the act itself because we see potential in offering something to the word through the the mundane and possibly banal. “So what?” we cry when we post images of our kids and the baskets of laundry that lay about the house.

If we aren’t blessed with children we find meaning in posting our thoughts about such things as our trips to the grocery store, our workout routines, and even the challenges of working in dimly lit office space for our 9-to-5.

Why? Because we find value in exporting our experiences into others and we fundamentally believe that we can create value for them by sharing with them our experiences. We find more than meaning perhaps – we discover purpose.

The time we spend agonizing over posts, changing our entire lives and routines and schedules to make sure we publish is our cost and burden to bear. We don’t mind it (although we may grumble and complain) because it’s our joy and in the challenge and struggle of finding time we secretly know it’s for the good.

We believe that the world is a better place with our shared knowledge, experience, wisdom, insight, and perspective and is a darker place without it. Although it’s fun and exciting to financially profit from our writing and publishing we aren’t driven by that goal or motivation to publish day-in and day-out.

Our motivation is for the new reader and the invisible impact that we may never see. Our motivation is the possibility of encouraging others to become publishers themselves and to see them impact the world and create value for others.

We believe that life itself can be communicated through the things that we have to give and share. It is our mantra, our mission, our purpose, our passion, our vocation, our calling, and part of the reason why we exist.

Do you have the publisher’s esprit de corps? Are you one of us? Keep the faith my friends and don’t stop publishing.