Evaluation is about Celebration

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I thought I’d share a few books that I’m currently reading and a few thoughts about them (since a few of you asked):

As I mentioned in my video I think it’s a good and healthy thing to not only evaluate ourselves, our projects (blogs), and each other but to solicit good and healthy feedback from the right channels and people so that we can continue to progress and achieve our goals.

I also want you to marinate a bit on what I mentioned in the video about how evaluation is about celebration¬†and how you interpret evaluation as a whole. I know for myself that when I have historically thought about “evaluations” I have thought very negatively and even gotten depressed.

It’s not that I had something to hide or that I’d necessarily get a bad review but I just had bad feelings about being evaluated and about getting feedback that I felt wasn’t going to be comprehensive or fair. Ever experience this?

Now, with this new framework and thought process in-hand I feel like I see evaluation as an entirely different concept. But, to change the mindset of people and organizations will take some time, for sure!

How do you view evaluation? What are some of the emotions that are stirred up inside you? Are you evaluating to celebrate what you’ve done, how far you’ve come, and how much potential you have as a employee, writer, artist, blogger, or creative individual? Or are you dreading the next “review” that’s coming down the pipe?

Love to hear your thoughts as well as what you guys are currently reading! I’m always interested in other good reads and you guys have some good ones!

Have a great humpday and I’ll see you guys online!