Connecting to Evernote for v1.5


As I’ve stated previously, I’m planning on adding Evernote into the next big update and I’m beginning to put the wheels on the wagon, sotospeak.

It’s not an incredibly complex API but it does have its moments, I’ll grant you that. So far, here are some of the top-level things that I’ve managed to implement and/or figure out:

  1. The user will be able to log into multiple Evernote accounts, if they’d like.
  2. I can get all the Notebooks into Desk and show/display them via the dropdown in settings.
  3. The user can publish the draft into an Evernote Notebook (any of them).
  4. But… getting published notes back into the app is going to be more difficult and most likely won’t get be initially released until I make sure it’s perfect.

Consequently, publishing will exist but editing already existing published drafts will be a bit tough, especially if they have multimedia, etc. Here are some screenshots of it working (sort of):


And here’s what it looks like in Evernote:



Not bad, for now.