Using Evernote to Ideate, Collect Material, and Draft Blog Posts

There are only a few tools that I would say are absolutely “essential” to my efforts as a professional blogger and Evernote is one of them.

Clip to Evernote[Click the link to the right to try it out!]

Evernote is one of those tools where I have asked myself on more than one occasion something to this affect:

How in the world did I ever live without this thing?!

Not sure what Evernote actually is? Just think of it as a place and web service that you can access anywhere so that you can collect, record, and remember everything that you encounter online (and offline).

I do everything in Evernote as it relates to my blogging efforts. Here are just a few:

[Please note that you can now click the Evernote button at the top of the screen on any blog post to save the post automatically to Evernote!]

  1. I send myself audio recordings of thoughts that I’ve had about potential blog posts.
  2. I send myself off-the-cuff interviews with people.
  3. I use it to quickly capture and access documents to read.
  4. I use it to capture every type of media out there for viewing later.
  5. I use it to draft out blog posts. This is a much more safe approach than to using any native drafting board in any blogging platform.
  6. I use it to collect links of interest that might be used for drafts and posts later.
  7. I use it to even capture some of my financial information and reports

Clip to EvernoteAnd more.

It’s simply amazing and I can’t believe it’s actually free to use!

There’s Wisdom in Upgrading

There is a paid version of the application starting at $5 per month (or $45 per year). Here’s a table for comparison:

Clip to EvernoteThe benefits were, without question, worth it to me. I wanted to be able to upload any file type, search within some of those massive PDFs that I have, and have offline access (I can’t let an internet connection stop my work!).

In addition, sharing my docs with others as well as drafts was crucial to being a part of a team.

Here’s an overview of what’s available, creatively (and appropriately) titled “Evernote to the Rescue!”:

So, what are you doing to capture thoughts, ideate, and draft out blog posts?