Every Single One Counts

I’ve been growing my subscribers on my YouTube channel (still very weird to say that aloud…) slowly and it’s been averaging 1 new subscriber a day.

I know that for many folks this is nothing but for me this feels pretty darn significant. The idea that one person is finding the content that I create decent enough to commit to tuning in is super-humbling – I never want to lose that feeling.

Now, I know that there are some folks that add 1 new subscriber to their channel every single second (no exaggeration here) but what’s encouraging is that, at some point, they were doing exactly what I am doing and their growth was pacing at exactly the same scale.

About 1 a day – very cool!

This is a good reminder and perspective for any creative work, especially as we look at others that are much farther than us. And, it creates a level playing field for those entering in, even if you’ve “been around” for a time.

Sure, if you’re semi-famous and have a large following elsewhere it can help, a lot, but there isn’t a guarantee. We “day trade” people’s attention (GaryVee-ism) and just because you’re king at Twitter doesn’t mean that you’ll have the same effect on another medium.

But, this isn’t the point of the post. The point of this post is a reminder of how humbling it is to be notified that someone new has subscribed to you, especially if they aren’t super-active YouTubers themselves.

0 subscribers, 0 videos…!

There have been a number of new subscribers who do not actively use or engage on YouTube but, for whatever reason, have opted to subscribe to my channel.

In some instances I am their very first subscription and I couldn’t be more honored by that. Again, super-humbled by this. I’m penning this blog post because I never want to forget what it feels like, especially as things continue to progress.

I never want to forget what it feels like when someone new subscribes. I never want to forget how much of an honor that is. I never want to forget how exciting it feels to just get 1 new subscriber… a day. I never want to forget where I came from.

Every single one counts.