Everyone Has Good Ideas…

… but not all ideas are good.

I was reminded this the other night as I chatted with my father about the current state of things and as I asked for some advice and counsel on a few particulars that I know he had experience dealing with.

I was talking specifically about corporate culture, organizational dynamics, and scaling/growth when he level-set the conversation by stating:

Everyone has good ideas but not all ideas are good.

I reflected for a moment and realized that he was right.

We continued to dive deeper and what I landed on was something that I could easily see as profitable for myself as a growing leader. Listening, with empathy, to all the great ideas that my staff has is vitally important as we grow and scale.

But, not all of the good ideas are good right now and the context that I have as a leader is what helps me sort, sift, and make decisions on the ones that are appropriate at that particular time.

In other words, I see things that the staff does not and I see just a bit further down the line. This goes without saying as organizationally I have purview and insight that goes deeper and a bit wider.

Consequently, a good idea could actually be a bad one given the existing circumstances that the company finds itself in. What might be good today will be bad tomorrow and vice versa is also true.

A great leader is one that can recognize these things in real-time, not just in retrospect and with 20-20 vision in hindsight. Naturally, it will be hard to know but I think in time you can grow this intuition as one grows in experience and maturity.

Finding patterns, cross-examining opportunity, taking notes religiously from other and more experienced teachers is a worthwhile exercise daily.