Everyone’s Brain

Yesterday I shared that I was starting a small newsletter called The CEO's Brainpan and I’m excited that a non-zero number of folks have already signed up!

One of the coolest thing is the fact that I was able to get a top-level domain name that I feel is perfect for this small project: http://brain.みんな! Give it a try: http://brain.みんな

And what’s even more cool (could it possibly be more cool?!) is the fact that the brand around this registration is an upside-down Y:

What will you build?

Here’s the ethos:

.みんな is the world’s first Japanese top-level domain and translates to “everyone” in Japanese.

It’s a place for community, where everyone can create, build, and connect with like-minded people.

It first welcomed registrants in February 2014, making full hiragana domains possible for the first time. It’s a place for Japanese communities to come together.

via ICANNWiki

Google Japan has a video overview:


So, if there was a brand associated with my newsletter it would be effectively this:

Everyone’s brain. 🧠


Pretty neat, right?

This is important because this newsletter is directly related to the business and startup that I’m working on and our brand logo (at least for now) looks very similar:

Some of our original concepts.

So, that’s that. I hope you’re subscribed!