Vision is Not Enough, You Need to Execute to Grow and Succeed!

[This is part of the Blogging Foundations Starter Kit Series. Have you seen the other posts yet?]

Let's see this clearly, shall we?

I spent nearly an hour on skype with one of our community members here on TentBlogger (love how the community is already growing and active!) and we talked about his vision for his work, job, and future vocation.

It was an exciting discussion and it reminded me about how most of my blogs start; the genesis of all of them was simply a vision of what it could be.

The vision and dream would begin circulating in my mind and all the wonderful ideas about how the blog would be a runaway-success would get me high with excitement!

I’d start mapping out the focus of the blog in terms of content, the categories and areas of coverage that most excited me, the design elements that I wanted to include to engage the eye both strategically and for pleasure, and the functionality and feature sets that would engage the audience and take the community to the next level.

I would write all of these things down and the excitement would continue to build, which is great! But now I would face that pivotal moment in the future of this blogs’ growth and trajectory: Execution.

Would I do it? Would I follow through? Have you?

I’m guessing that you are intimately aware of this challenge. In fact, most likely you know this story all too well! You’ve walked this path of dreaming, visioncasting, and ideating about your blog but never getting around to actually doing it, right?

How many blogs have you started in your head compared to the amount of blogs that you actually have? Ouch! The graveyard of blogs that were never born must be in the trillions!

Let’s not add to the body count, shall we?

Don't hesitate! Jump!

Always Move Toward Launch

Here’s what I’ve learned: Great vision is proven to be great when it is executed well.

You see, you may have a phenomenal idea for a blog, the blog content, and the community that will inevitably (or so you believe) come together but unless you actually start you will never ever see any of that come to fruition.

And this isn’t even rocket science! But apparently many would-be-bloggers struggle with execution because there are so many people who never get beyond the dream and vision stage.

In fact, let me take it a step further.

I believe that your vision for your blog doesn’t even necessarily need to be that good in order for it to be a success. I’ve seen time and time again where mediocre ideas become amazing blogs and I really don’t understand why except for the fact that the blogger simply executed on his idea.

That blogger just went ahead and did it, which put him in a place well ahead of all of the other dreamers who may have had better ideas but never did anything about it.

Sometimes mediocrity becomes superiority through execution!

A question for you...

A Practical Question

How then does one continually move toward launch as they progress in the growth of their blog from conception to execution? It’s rather simple. I constantly ask myself this question:

What can I practically do with _____________?

If you learn to ask yourself this question and then answer it often you will see a return and results. Great ideas stay great ideas until you do something with them.

Here are some simple examples of this in action:

  • Idea: I want people to subscribe to my blog.
  • Execute: I will create a big RSS button for them in an obvious place on my blog!
  • Result: People see the big button and subscribe.
  • Idea: I want to become an expert in this particular content area and focus.
  • Execute: I will research the current experts and study their strategies.
  • Result: You learn from the best and begin to gain a larger platform from what you’ve learned.
  • Idea: I want more weekly traffic to my blog.
  • Execute: I will blog one more time every week during a peak hour of the day.
  • Result: You blog one more time a week and more people visit.

Simple, right? I do this daily for my goals and I list out practical steps for execution. Don’t just stay a dreamer and ideate all day! Find simple ways to execute on your ideas and you’ll begin to experience the pleasure of knowing that things are headed in the right direction.

How have you seen this work with your blog? Any other tips and/or suggestions for the community?

[This is part of the Blogging Foundations Starter Kit Series. Have you seen the other posts yet?]