Exercise — 91

This post is part of Project: Inception, written ~8 years ago. It has been untouched from its original, pseudonymous, form. It is also part of the larger “farewell” tour and countdown as I turn-off this blog and head to the metaverse where I will live out the rest of my wonderful days. I hope to see you there!


I’ve been told that autistics can be exceptionally good at maintaining an exercise routine. I’m not sure if this is necessarily true directly or because of the possible comorbid conditions like OCD and ADHD that contribute to some of the drive. But one thing is for sure for at least myself is this: I don’t need any external factors or a “coach” to necessarily keep me going and active and motivated to get up at ungodly hours of the morning to get my 60 minutes of hell in.

Especially now I’ve been on a paleo-esque detox that has literally changed my life. My therapist and general practitioners have been begging me to get back into shape or face the reality that I will die young, especially if I do not engage fully with my challenges of autism which I’ve been blindly avoiding (intentionally / unintentionally?) for the first 30 years or so. It’s a matter of literal life or death and I have chosen, against all odds it seems, life on this road less traveled.

As a result I’m about to finish month two of a six month quest to create a lifestyle that’s infinitely more healthy than the one that I had previously. This requires incredible mental change, discipline, schedule adjustment, commitment, and all that shit. I’m just saying all of that because I feel like I’m required to do so. I have no fucking clue what is happening and how I’m “coping” with the changes other than the fact that I’m doing “it” with the enormous help of my wife and a program that an acquaintance-turned-health-coach has given me. We’re using his outline as a guardrail and taking the rest in stride to customize to my particular needs.

The results have been nothing short of astounding. I have no idea what my weight is and that’s kind of the point – no weighing oneself during the next 6 months as it cheapens the process and is not the goal in the first place. But I’m noticeably thinner, I have more energy than I’ve had in a decade, and I’m eating the most healthy I have ever in my entire life. I haven’t had a single piece of bread or non-organic sugar or starch. I’m all meat and veges, certain nuts and berries (no melons, etc.). The regimen is pretty exact so we’ve done our best to follow the trusted material.

This is entirely out of my character and yet at the same time well within the boundaries of who I know myself to be. I am a rule-breaker, or as compared to the NT world. But within my own mind I’m logically following the commands that my brain has wired me to entertain and execute against. In my own head I’m not breaking a single rule. In addition once something gains obsession status I go all in as if my life was all-consumed by it. This has become one of those things.

I’ve heard that there are some autistics that swap out interests from time to time and this is one for me without question. In fact, working out consistently has always been there from season to season. It’s just that I can’t persist eternally with it. That’s what we hope to accomplish through this round and battle; that I create a lifestyle that is persistent as long as I live. 6 months seems like an eternity but it’s not – most of my professional experiments run around that timeframe so it works fine. Come November, around my next birthday, I’ll be able to give myself the best damn gift I’ve ever gotten myself – a few more years on planet earth.

I hope the world benefits from this bullshit.