Exhausted: Where Do You Go?

I’ve been running 100mph for the last few weeks as I’ve been attempting to try to close a number of open projects and responsibilities that I’ve got. It’s been more than few 10hr+ days, including weekends.

I’m not a fan of that lifestyle at all and thankfully it’s for a limited season of time. More importantly I have relationships in my life that keep much of this in check and who inspire me by doing incredible work with limited resources! You may have even inspired me as I’ve read your blog posts and looked through your tweets!

For example, there are only a handful of times in my life where I’m going to be spending hours upon hours writing my final thesis for my double Masters degree – I finished the first very rough draft this past week and it’ll scale beyond 200 pages at this point (and it’s not even done yet).

Handing that in last week was an incredible sigh of relief, but as my wife could tell, I was exhausted. I was entirely spent. I had little to give and could do almost nothing more than the agreed upon responsibilities for our family. I felt like a slug!

The natural and very human response is to head in the direction of those things, people, and activities that revive us and restore us – I began taking a look at my options (besides outright sleep) and began noticing a few patterns:

  1. Physical Activity – Although I’m physically exhausted I suffer from mental exhaustion more often. I don’t mind heading into physical activity and exercise as a remedy.
  2. Stillness and Silence – Part of the growing discipline of productivity for myself is being still and clearing my head of the thoughts of the days activities and pressures of leading my companies. I’ll attempt to sit and do absolutely nothing. Some might  call this meditation and it’s essentially that but I prefer to call it “being still.”
  3. Higher Powers – I also try to access one of the core sources of my being, energy, and mission by communing with the Lord – regardless of if you have a relationship with God or the many varying perspectives on “higher powers” we all can commit to agreeing that there’s someone out there that’s in control (or at least have thought about it a few times). This resurgence of commitment to God greatly helps me when I’m exhausted.

The last thing I try to do is engage anything that I do on a normal and everyday basis. I try to spend time in the other areas that may not get as much time and attention and re-commit myself to them.

Where do you go when you’re exhausted? From where do you revitalize yourself? Love to hear your personal process!

[Image via Creative Commons, pragmagraphr]

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