Expect Lower Pay?

As Jeff shares, these thoughts on lower pay re: programmers can be applied to any profession, but, the chances (could?) may be higher with software developers.


I’d recommend living on a small portion of your income and saving a multiple of your living expenses. It’s far more painful to cut expenses back than it is to keep them from growing, and the more years of expenses you have saved the better a position you’ll be in.

The compounding interest of reducing expenses is as powerful as you imagine it to be! We’ve done this as a family and it’s not only created more margin for opportunities but also exciting things like traveling (more).

So fun.

But, programmers and being paid fairly and rightly is a topic that is near and dear to my heart, especially because most programmers have a difficult time advocating for themselves what they are really worth.

It’s our job to help each other out and make the conversations around compensation not just transparent… but we can make it simple, straightforward, and fair.

We can also reduce the cognitive load and anxiety too around things such as these—it’s hard, but, worth the effort. Expect lower pay? No. Expect to be treated with respect? Yes.