Coworking in Atlanta: Experience Rethink

I had the pleasure of working at yet another sweet (and very new) coworking spot in atlanta called Experience Rethink, in the really sweet Grant Park neighborhood at The Jane, right next to Octane Coffee and Six Feet Under (where I ate that afternoon).

Their address is 318 Cherokee Ave SE, Suite 107; Atlanta GA 30312 – Google Map here.

I was able to connect with the founder, Brian Regienczuk, who had just moved his growing design agency into the space – they’ve only been there a month and a half and wanted to get even more energy and collaboration into the space so he decided to open it up to a coworking environment.

The space is obviously still evolving and very fresh but it’s got the right feel and the location is great. In fact, I was able to connect and have some great conversations with two Georgia Tech grads, @mhluongo and @corbinpon, who had started a new venture called who were renting the space for their own needs. Loved the conversation and the energy they had for their new startup!

I used the spot specifically to host another coaching class via @ChairCo and it was perfect for our needs as we hung out upstairs in a naturally lit space with a screen and a table – I couldn’t have asked for anything more!

Check out these sweet pictures of the space and check it out if you find yourself over near Grant Park:

They’ve got some growing to do in terms of just building out the space but Brian shared his thoughts on it (and adding furniture) and it sounds great. I think it’ll grow up to be a consistent spot for more than a few people in the area.

Heck, it doesn’t hurt that their internet connection is pretty darn sweet too – in fact, it’s the fastest connection speed so far I believe in the Atlanta Coworking spots I’ve visited.

Nice. I dig that a lot.

Thanks Brian for letting us hang out! Appreciate it big time!

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