Expertise in a Changing World

Currently, I live and breathe the decentralized economy, building a community and a product that aims to serve that market specifically. In fact, I’m starting to dream about decentralized protocols…

What’s so exciting about this space (and what makes it so much fun and engaging for me) is the fact that it’s so new and evolving; with no hyperbole, I literally wake up every morning and encounter something that I’ve never encountered before – a new technology or project or way of thinking about bitcoin, blockchain, and decentralized systems.

It’s like being a kid in a candy store with a no-limit credit card (or cryptocurrency wallet…!).

But if things are constantly changing… then how exactly do you stay “on top” of all that’s happening? How do you become an expert?

The short of it is:

  1. The goal isn’t to be an expert. And, if you’re in the technology space, expertise is limited, short-term, and fleeting. It’s also highly contextual.
  2. Instead of focusing on technology, one should focus on people instead, following the folks that are building and are exploring the furthest regions of the “new world,” so to speak.

Following more of Paul Graham’s logic is worthwhile:

Surround yourself with the sort of people new ideas come from. If you want to notice quickly when your beliefs become obsolete, you can’t do better than to be friends with the people whose discoveries will make them so.

Being (and staying) an expert in a certain field is a group effort, not so much an independent effort, especially in our digital economy(ies). Find yourself a small (but passionate and curious) community and stay close to them, that way you can grow and learn the best.

Remember… it’s all about your Rate of Learning:

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