Facebook Versus Your Happiness

No fooling:

The results were incredibly revealing — after just 7 days 88% of the group that left Facebook said they felt “happy” as opposed to 81% in the group still using the site. They also felt less angry, less lonely, less depressed, more decisive, more enthusiastic, and enjoyed their lives more. Ditching Facebook also appeared to reduce stress levels by as much as 55%. They’re some pretty strong results…

I quit Facebook years ago and I haven’t looked back. What’s neat and very satisfying is that my decision to leave and not return has been validated over and over and over again. I just meet more and more people who aren’t happy using it and they know it and I know it but most of the time I’m the only one that’s done anything about it.

Facebook isn’t for everyone and yet I can see some very legitimate reasons to be part of it. It’s just not for me and I’m much happier for it.