Are You Using the New Facebook Timeline?

I recently updated my personal Facebook profile page to the new-ish Facebook Timeline look and I’ll be honest, I’m actually liking it a lot better.

I’m digging the new “cover” portion at the top where you can personalize your visitor’s first impression with a larger image – I’m currently using an older image on a Macbook Pro that I had a few years ago and I’m trying to find a better picture but haven’t come up with it yet. I’ve seen some incredible examples of creative timeline covers and they’ve given me some great ideas for my own.

I’m also liking the very clean appearance overall with some of the most important information up top, where it should have been all the time! The right side navigation is convenient and gives one the nice ability to quickly go to a particular year of interest. This level of increased usability in my mind was a good decision and although I’ve seen some critical and negative remarks I’m really liking it a lot better.

Finally, the progressive loading timeline as you scroll down is a nice and elegant advancement as well as the persistent top navigation are nice touches and really complete all the UX that I was hoping would show up in Facebook.

Overall I’m a fan although one should note that I’m not a “power user” by any stretch of the imagination. What is your opinion of the newer Facebook Timeline look? Have you converted to it? What do you like and dislike? Love to hear your thoughts!