Facing Dragons

I’ve come back to this a handful of times — it’s useful that it’s such a short video too:

Very useful because of the number of changes that have happened in my own startup in the last few weeks.

A few notes from the video:

  1. Founders never get “stuck” in execution, they figure out a way to get it done and they learn something from it.
  2. Founders that get shit done, consistently, are formidable. This is everything.
  3. Founders need to be exceptional communicators, especially when it comes to explaining what they business does. This is a lot harder than it sounds.
  4. Great founders don’t get discouraged when things go wrong. They stay passionate about solving the problem and are able to move forward, even in the face of defeat.

#4, especially, is important. This is difficult to train and it’s not something that can be taught. Staying motivated, sometimes, is more than enough of a founder super-power to make it out alive… and then some.

Keep going.

You and I will face hardship, disappointment, setbacks, and even near-fatal encounters while we build something out of nothing. One shouldn’t be surprised when they wake up, daily, to face their dragons.

Time to slay.