A Simple Family Schedule

I shared a bit more of the very simple and spartan calendar and scheduling system at home:

Keep things simple… because.

The system is very simple:

  • Sue prints out the schedule Sunday night. This means that I need to have my schedule “locked” by that time. If it’s not captured, then, the family has “first rights” to the time. It is what it is.
  • We wake up each morning and sign our name that we’re up. This creates a daily routine that creates synchronicity and alignment, which is ultimately what we’re after.
  • We then execute, have daily conversations about anything that changes, and that’s that.

The visual nature of this makes it hard to “miss” and it also helps our family not have to repeat what’s “going on” — our kids can literally drive us insane by asking…

So, what’s on the schedule for today?

No more.

Sometimes we do #parenting right. Most times, we suck.
Family meetings are amazing!

Give it a try.