I Like My Blogs Fast. Always.


One of the biggest jumps in terms of my experience with Standard 3 is the fact that it’s blazing fast, not just on the front-end but also in the back admin as well.

Sure, a number of performance-related issues with blogs and WordPress Themes has to do with the way you configure and manage your hosting and server environment but I had already optimized a number of things to be incredibly fast.

But the one thing that hasn’t changed in a long time was the code quality in the previous versions of Standard Theme. Although the foundational code was and has always been competitively better than most other WordPress Themes the newest version of Standard is unlike anything that I’ve ever experienced (or built).

For starters I work with one of the best WordPress developers on planet earth. After having worked with WordPress since 2004 I have never met someone like Tom – he’s at the very top of the spectrum and he’s just a few years in. Unbelievable.

Second, we have the incredible privilege and honor of being partners with the company behind WordPress itself, Automattic, and they have meticulously helped audit the code base to meet their exacting needs. If there was one team that you wanted walking through your code it would be them, hands down!

Last but certainly not least we have an incredible team behind Standard, including Michael who has Q/A’d every single line that Tom writes, Jared who adds the spit-and-shine to make it beautiful and pretty inside and out (and who always considers speed and performance in light of his design), and Chris who is militant when it comes to stripping out the BS of our product and leaving only the things that create incredible value for our customers.

Shoot, what do those guys need me for anyways?!

As a result, Standard is one of the fastest and performance-conscious publishing platforms on the market today. The fact that we’re going to make it even zippier with one of our new products that we haven’t yet released (oops, there, I spilled the beans), makes my head spin.

The proof is in the pudding, as they say.

But let’s start with just what TentBlogger is doing right now, shall we?

In some recent speed tests I’ve done you can see this site loading in less than 1 whole second. Yes, 965ms.


This blog is faster than 89% of all tested websites on Pingdom.

Let’s take a look at Page Speed via Google:


93/100? Out of the box? Holy smokes.

How about ySlow, another common metric:


86/100? Not bad. I’ll give some more context in just a moment here though…

And finally, go ahead and pit my site vs any other site out there (except for Google.com… LOL):


Most likely my blog will win most of the matchups you throw at it.

Here’s the Kicker…

The biggest thing you should know though about the above tests is this very important and crucial fact: I am usingĀ no cacheing systems of any kind!

That’s right. I’m not even running the most optimal WordPress environment yet and Standard, out of the box, is faster than most of the internet at large. I’m not using W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, or anything like that at all. This also means that I’m not using worldwide CDN capabilities either.

All of them are disabled or removed as I kick the tires on this new system. It freaks me out a bit to see how fast it really is.

But you and I both know that it’s not just the front-end that matters, especially as you engage with your blog, it’s the back-end that can really bottleneck at times.

Although I can’t do a before/after for you, let me tell you that my admin experience is smooth as butter and it’s never been faster. Clicking on a link in the admin doesn’t require me to wait it out to load. It just appears. Like magic.

Just imagine how much frustration that might remove for your entire blogging and online publishing experience… Yeah, think about that for a moment.

It’s Getting Even Faster…

My team is obsessed with performance. We feel this is one area that we can indulge in and not be satisfied with – we want to make our customer’s happy and never have to wait on anything (as well as their viewers and readers).

We’re going to make publishing with Standard 3 even faster in the coming updates as well as our not-yet-announced-but-teased-here product. You’ll have to stay tuned to that.

So, what’s the point of all this incredibly biased (yet factual) information about Standard 3? Here are a few things that you should consider:

  • Speed matters a lot. We’ve seen this time and time again that performance has a direct impact on search engine ranking, viewership, and overall experience. Faster blogs grow faster. Period.
  • Your Theme must be of the highest quality. We have some great competitors out there and there are a few that have really good products. We applaud them! If you don’t use us then you should do the research necessary to find if your solution matches up to ours. Are they partners with Automattic? Have they had their code Q/A’s by the highest standards (pun intended)?
  • Optimization can help but some optimization is just a bandaid or coverup for bad code. Cacheing and server configurations can only go so far and it’s always a combination of many factors. The WordPress Theme is one of the biggest bottlenecks.

I could go on and on but I’ll stop here. I’m excited about our future but I’m more excited about yours – since I’ve experienced the greatness of Standard I hope you experience it for yourself or at least find a suitable alternative for your needs.

I like my blogs fast. I always have and I always will. Is there really any other alternative?

[Learn more about Standard 3 via my Series here or go there directly!]