It’s About How Fast You Learn

It’s not about how much you know but rather how fast (viaStanford CS Professor John Ousterhout),  you learn:

But I didn’t really mean in a mathematical sense, I think this is a pretty good guideline for life also.  What I mean is that how fast you learn is a lot more important than how much you know to begin with.  So in general I say that people emphasize too much how much they know and not how fast they’re learning.

I’ve talked about this before in my post, Rate of Learning, and I’m smack dab in the middle of that right now with my work at Zesty. I’m applying what I know now about human capital and scaling organizations but also, and more importantly, the amount of things that I have to learn so that I might do a job that’s more than decent is huge.

I’m entirely curious about food tech and the personal impact that diet has had on my own life is what’s drawing me in and deeper still. But what’s keeping me here is the fact that I’m learning at such a high-velocity and pace that the real benefits (and value generated) are going to scale with that rate as well.

Making this decision to help Zesty is going to go down as one of the best decisions of my entire professional (and personal) life. Hey, you should join us, because I’m hiring like mad.

So, I hope you’re making professional and career decisions in places that allow you to just soak it all in, a ton of it, at a really top-notch pace. Life is too short to meander your way through your career and just wait every year for that next career bump or salary increase.