Faye Wong

Decided to put up a little jpg of Faye Wong…

Gotta love her eyes… and that specific shot of her face, with the makeup and stuff, and the streaks in her hair lining up with the redness of her cheeks… ahh.  make-up artists can do wonders… ne?  they can save even the most sorry.  haha.  hey, thats cruel…  well, this morning i did some thinking…  petakun’s in tallahassee this morning, and im not even sure if thats how you spell it, but i dun care.  he’s there apartment shopping so-to-speak and im here at work.  yah, what fun.  gotta think though.  im driving to work, and im like… is this how the future is gonna be?  driving to work all by yourself, so lonely…  just doing your thing at the office and all.  i guess it would be a lot better if i had someone back at home or where ever she worked that i knew that i could come back to after a long, hard day at work and just…  haha. yeah, you know… take out all my ‘aggression’… haha… *ahem, aight.  sometimes i plop down in my chair in my cube and just sit there for 10 min, not doing a damn thing.  just sitting… the peeps passing my cube must be like… what is he doing…? just sitting there, staring at a dark, blank screen… his head bent over… what is he looking at?  but nah, they don’t ask.  and i don’t want them to either.  just let me be.  slowly i turn on the monitor, and thats and watch blankly as the computer pops into action, well, itz already on, i never turn it off, just the monitor sometimes… and the password screen comes up and i log into the network, and then suddenly i see whatever backgroun i have up… right now, its some girl named nicole, some asian singer i guess, who’s peaking thru a book at me… and i sit there and stare some more.  and i wish…  i wish……  i wish that i was not here.  I slowly open my carry bag, i guess thats what you call it, its not a brief case, but not a book bag… its just some black thing that can carry my laptop with a strap on it…  and i open that and slide my laptop out, pull out the power cord and mouse that i bring, and my actionscript book, and set that aside, and then plug that in, plug the mouse in, turn the power on and just sit and watch that boot up…  suddenly, some scantily clad women is posing on my screen and i panic, cause i forget that its just my log-on screen… and i shut the top and sit there, wondering if anyone saw it… and then i remember that its just a custom made UI… and i slowly open the lid and type in my password there and there i am, with another screen staring at me, with another picture as the background… right now, its a 3 little MSN guys arranged on some kinda grid… its a cool rendition of the MSN instant messenger icons in a 3d layout… whatever… its neat. and i sit there and ponder life and existence and the meaning of it all… if only for a brief second…  i sit there… and sit… and the feeling of boredom and wishfullness comes over me… i lazily move my mouse over to the outlook icon and check my mail and whatever the todays assignments are… i see a couple from my boss, and a couple from my co-workers, but none that im actually looking forward to… and i click on one… ahhhhhhh, homer gaines actually sent me some box-tops so i can complete that contact us and faq page… hurray… and so i download those attachments and set them on my desktop to be used later today…  then, i open up mx for my lappy and this rig, and i sit there watching them open… and, on certain dayz, i guess i open up xanga and write something out like right now, where im stuck between doing and doing-nothing.  these two screens mock me… they really do. and then all i hear is silence… and i remember that i need to put on some beats before i go mad… so i hook up to my sony mdr d33 eggos, which are so badass, cause you can’t get em here, only in japan baby and i put those in and ever noise and din outside that mother is drowned out… i boot up winamp on my lappy, plug in and im out.  but im blasted by the music, cause the volume’s too damn high and i make that lower and then im cruising on the sweet sweet waves of bliss… music more like it…  and then, like an autonomous being, made for only one thing, i begin to work, like the millions, gagillions of multi-billions of people like me that are doing the same damn thing… making a living for what… for money, for support, for fun… for fun?  when will i work for fun? and get paid?  haha. thats the dream, isn’t it… doing something that you love, and oh, by the way, your getting paid 6 digits to do it too…. haha.  don’t you fret, it’ll come yo.  it’ll come…  ive been cursed.  im running on like 1000 fps and i can’t stop… *ack… i reach toward her… and i get no reply… how gracious of you.  thats the scenario i guess… and this morning, i listened to the platinum remix of “Whats the scenario” remix by 7 true ass gangstas… haha… great song, yah… hard core gansta shit at its finest… sort of reminiscing on my old-skool middle skool life… but, who hell cares…

Busta Rhymes:

Here in 1992, we present the fabulous what’s the Scenario remix
Where as there are 7 MCs.
Six which are in physical form, one which is in spiritual essence
And he goes by the name of, uh…HOOD!


Check the vibe, punk that ass again, god
‘F’ it (SHIITT!!) ! I lay buckshots
Hood, madman, I rip up stages
Lay down your wages, I’m wild like Larry Davis
Extra, extra, pick up a clip. I’ll tear that ass out the frame (HUH!)
And grab my dick(OH!)
By the beats that I bump, I kick and drop bombs
I’m rugged and deadly, so I shit on the petty
A musical badder bastard, I’m bad news
I’m crazy and clever, cut holes in crews
Death on the phono, my skills are dolo
You say ‘oh no’, you bitch ass homo
I bag up waste, electrifying, I’m primetime
I slaughter slime, I’m the greatest of all time
Sick ass brotha, nasty ass nigga
Pump slugs in your face and jump that ass in the river
Two tears in a bucket, fuck it, kick the can (SAY WHAT, SAY WHAT!!!)
I’m a bad, bad man


Quick is how I flip from the tip of the lip
Punchin out hits like Gladys Knight and the Pips
The 5 foot assassin has just raided your area
Your booty rhymes are wack and that’s the reason why I’m hearin ya (SO!)
Pull out the red carpet cuz I’m kickin this
Vanilla Ice platinum? That shit’s ridiculous
Excuse my French, but profanity is all I knew
And to you other sellouts, oh yeah, ‘F’ you too
And let it be known, I’m not the one to step to
You better off callin D-Nice to your rescue
Freestyle fanatic, probably the best around
As for corny MCs, like Chuck D, I ‘Shut ‘Em Down’
The Artical Don of hip-hop and I won’t stop
The 5 foot assassin has come to wreck ’nuff shop
So do like Michael Jackson and ‘Remember the TIme'(DO YOU REMEMBER?)
Put on your dancin shoes or somethin cuz you sho’ can’t rhyme


(BIG UP BIG UP!) Into new eternity
Next was said somethin that complies onto me
What does it take to check a technique (MANY STYLES, MANY STYLES!)
Hostile heat brings forth the energy
Milo in the dance is the new identity
One, two mic check, select for the ruffneck
At a 10 to 1 bet, I come CORRECT!
In my cyphers are blocks, I bring box to connect with knots
So I can grow dreadlocks
Maintain the rock DON’T STOP THE ROCK!!!)
Maintain the rock (DON’T STOP THE ROCK!!!)
Kick it right, then not, E. Watt said not
I put my mug up, so fair is fair
So C. Brown are we in the clear? (Yeah!)
C. Brown are we in the clear? (Yeah!)

Charlie Brown:

Makin moves y’all (MOVES Y’ALL!)
On and on and on (CHECKA, CHECK IT OUT!!!)
To the breaka, breakadawn (WHO’S THAT?!?)
Guess, one of the LONS and A Tribe Called Quest
(EAST COAST!) to West
Remixed mad kick more than Metallica
To all ends like the Battlestar Gallactica
Stampin, stompin, rompin Compton
Pick a style, any style, Strong Isle
Representation, sensationalization
Scenario for the radio, BLS and KISS, so
(HERE WE GO, YO!) Yeah
Force, Main Source LP on the rise
In Living Color was seen through original eyes
And I’m out like shout, Ooh Ahh, Ooh Ahh
(OOH AHH, OOH AHH!) There it is baby par


Vine, limb on a limb, slim chim
P I am, there I am (THERE I AM!)
Don’t run from a blim
Sight be be right, be polite for mice like a Mike
And slip away and off to the Poconos
Spot bring the flows, might swing the fruity poles
Yamaha (YAY-HA-MAY!)
Let’s split the funk, now it all spells (HEY!)
Enough, enough, misfitted I’m with it
If I did it, I would split it and probably shouldn’t have quit
Cuz yo, my public status act Knight like Gladys
Take rest space tests and yo, I’m like the maddest
Male, not female, hail from Unidel
Bounce the beat for the beat pole cuz beats are bein yelled
In the hallway always ringin with a HO!
This is my 2 times 9 on the Scenario


Check it out everybody, rhymes and mics
Black mens gettin hip, DOIN WHAT THEY LIKE!
Eight black brothas in the public eye
If you listen very close, then I’ll tell you why
HOOD!, Phife, Milo, Dinco and C. Brown
Shaheed, myself and Busta Bust Brown
Will commence to rock (ROCK!), so bring on the flocks (FLOCKS!)
Interrogation for the knockin of the box
The boom-box ruler controls the medula
None come cooler, I win like Shula
So bust out the moves as you start to pursue her
Intensified mind, non blunt consumer
Tip will come booty (WELL, IT’S ONLY A RUMOR!)
The beat is so sick, that it starts brain tumors (TUMORS!)
Peace to Hood baby from the midnight crooner
Smoke him up later, if not, then sooner

Busta Rhymes:

Hey what we gon DO! in ’92, even though we had FUN! in ’91
Quick to turn my day, all things comin down
Run up on the new sound, leavin cracks in the ground
What’s goin on my man (GOD DAMN!) and now my brain is hurtin
Busta, rhythm will hit ’em, then I get ’em
Rip on ’em, shit on ’em, hit on ’em, then I will sit on ’em
Open up your mouth if you want the food
Take in full, Flipmode, cuz I’m in the mood, Uh-heh, uh-heh
Yeah man, that’s how it goes
Body drippin with blood comin out your nose
Give me a band-aid, what are you askin for? (MORE!)
All in your secret and pure
Adverse, they said, check it and I bust a new rap
Rap, Busta Rhymes, and bust this wicked rap
Yeah y’all in ’92, I’m packin my ant spray (ANYWAY!)
Tickle it, Tribe Called Quest, Leaders of the New School
Mad brothas would still think…Rhow, Rhow, Rhow!!!
To my dragon, baby, stop whining
I see my influence still shining
More crazy in ’92, uh oh, time to go, yo
That’s the Scenario!

great song… anyway. yeah, im sort of bored… and thats the life of a g i guess…  for real, right? nah… not me… times have changed and change comes with time.  daft, ne?  why the hell won’t dynamic html be read by my stupid flash phucking player?  son of a…  *ack, gotta be work related.  so what else has been going on lately… yah, i didn’t get to see her this weekend, too bad… im a lazy ass bum and i didn’t make myself get up and on it… im sure she’s pissed, or actually, most likely she doesnt’ care.  hell, im the one that asked to see her anyway.  next week?  maybe… ive got 3 more weeks including this one, and thats funny, cause… im thinking about working that last week too now… so far, i was gonna have the last week off and do nothing but lounge… but now, that extra money, and good money at that, would be pretty badass… what would you do for more than half a grand?   haha… lez see…  well, maybe ill just go for it, yeah? one more week… thats all i got… but seriously folks… ahhh. im tired of working… itz been so damn long…… right now, engelina is singing to me…, i wish… ‘another day’… in the life of jleekun… haha. word… i guess so…   so what now… im swiveling in my chair, rocking back and forth, and wondering if i should get started here… so tired… so wishfull… i guess im in that kinda mood.  finally paid off that debt i had with tech… 33 buck for a damn missing towel rack? which i never had… they always true to phuck me over, i hate that damn school, and now they send me something showing that im rooming with the wrong guy and i gotta go fix that now… phucking tech, i hate the damn school.  by the time im done with it, they would have kicked me in the ass so many times in gonna need surgery… dammit… i hate that school… and thats why im going back… makes perfect sense, ne?  oh well, here we go again.  *ack, this lady in the next cube wears too much damn perfume…! im drowning in lady perfume smell… *ack… *cough… *gag… <jleekun passes out>…  woooooooooooh… im awake now… or alive… muuuuuuaaaaahhhhhahaha…. i hate this shizit.  you know what… im gonna try to do something ive never done before… im gonna try to sit here for 8 hours straight, without getting up, without getting something for lunch, and just sit here and work… brutal, eh?  and besides, i forgot my id card and i have no way to get back in here if i leave… so ill just sit and do work…  luckily i caught stan on the way in and was able to sneak past the guards and just appear to have my ID… word… da asian assassin does it again…  actually… yeah…  they call me… poetical ninja…  haha, lyrical assassin….. nah.. poetical ninja…  i like that… im gonna put it up on my bar up there… hehe… so silly am i.  you know what, im gonna register www.poeticalninja.com… just for fun…  i like that… haha… *ack… if it only didn’t cost anything…  oh well, here goes another benjamin or two…  *ack my knees hurt…

I wanna feel your touch
You know it’s easier if we get closer
I’m not asking for too much
I just get this feeling over and over
Cause it’s just you that I see nothing but you I feel so free
I just get this feeling over and over

You make me feel high on life
When I’m with you I can fly
I wouldn’t stop this feeling
I wouldn’t stop this feeling
It makes me feel high on life
Intensifies what’s inside
I wouldn’t stop this feeling from taking over

If you could only say
Why it feels so good when you move closer
I think we’re on our way
I just get this feeling over and over
Cause it’s just you that I see nothing but you I feel so free
I just get this feeling over and over

You make me feel high on life
When I’m with you I can fly
I wouldn’t stop this feeling
I wouldn’t stop this feeling
It makes me feel high on life
Intensifies what’s inside
I wouldn’t stop this feeling from taking over

Right here in this crowded place
I feel that we’re the centre of it all
Looking at you I’m amazed
It seems I’ll never fall

Cause it’s just you that I seen nothing but you I feel so free
I just get this feeling over and over

You make me feel high on life
When I’m with you I can fly
I wouldn’t stop this feeling
I wouldn’t stop this feeling
It makes me feel high on life
Intensifies what’s inside
I wouldn’t stop this feeling from taking over

nah… i wouldn’t… if she existed…

aight, i gotta get to work here… ill drop another blog later, if i feel like it… yah? till then.

Nov, 24th, 2002 [p]