Facebook and Scaling Culture

Yesterday I shared a post about how leaving Facebook can make you happier and today is a reference to a post about how Facebook, as a successful organization, has continued to attract, hire, and retain talent. Their secret is distributing their culture:

Goler does not see her position as making her uniquely responsible for preserving Facebook’s sense of itself. “When people from startups call and say, ‘We’re exploding. We’ve got to scale. How do we scale our culture?’, one of the things I always say is that I think largely the reason that the Facebook culture scaled is that no single person owns it,” she says. “It’s distributed across the entire organization. If we have 10,000 people who work at Facebook, you would have 10,000 people tell you that they own the culture. We hire people who are like that. We express it to them during the hiring process and the recruiting process. We talk about it on their first day and their first week.”

Lori Goler is FB’s VP of People and so she knows a thing or two about creating a scaling human capital organization.

Creating a culture where ownership is possible is important but it won’t happen accidentally. The consistent repetition and communication from the leadership (and then everyone else who drinks it deeply) is how you explicitly and intentionally make it all happen.

Despite my personal decision not to use Facebook, I still appreciate and applaud a lot of what they have done technologically and organizationally. And, what’s not to absolutely love about Zuck’s initiative to give away 99% of his wealth? Way to go.