Facebook, Evil.

I wrote my family an email late last night that I wanted to share here.

For starters, I try my very best to tread very, very lightly when it comes to prescribing any technological behavior or perspective… mostly because it’s just not worth an argument and I believe that everyone has to come to terms with their own use of things like social media (just as I did myself).

But, when something as obviously evil as Facebook comes around and with daily reports on their abuse of power and flippant attitude toward safety and privacy… I really feel like I had to say something.

And with recent news of their entire network being compromised (> 2 billion accounts!!!) I felt like I had no choice. Here’s what I shared via email:

Facebook is the largest surveillance company on the planet… the thing is that you gave them permission to harvest your data and now your private data is public. Forever.

Remember, if a digital service is free, you are the product. Facebook’s true customer is their advertisers who pay them money to have access to your private data so they can target you more strategically for advertising to increase their return on investment. This is beneficial for both the advertiser and facebook as it increases shareholder value.

This monetization model for facebook is impossible for them to change (it’s far too profitable). The safest thing you can do, for your own protection and privacy (and your families) is to leave the service entirely.

This isn’t a judgement if you stay but it’s worth knowing that the potential for your private data to be used against you (financial credit, identity theft, etc) is now legitimately confirmed. Awareness and preparation is important.

After I had sent this off I was hit by another piece of news, which was very relevant since I have a lot of medical professionals in my family. It seems that Facebook is exploring the opportunity to maximize their harvested data and “partner” from that data with medical professionals and organizations.

Again… Facebook’s primary motive isn’t the health and well-being of its users… they are exploring this opportunity because it’ll make them money.