Facebook: Whatever It Takes

Read this tweet storm via Matt Pearce for the hits about what Facebook has recently done with your emotions. Then read this one here about the ethics and PR nightmare that has hit Cornell University and a major scientific journal.

If you assume that your data is safe and that Facebook will never again manipulate your news feed (or even more sensitive areas of your account) then you’ve been entirely had.

Facebook will do whatever it takes to extract more money out of your content and account. Remember, they are a publicly traded business where the chief motivation will be this: Money.

I don’t believe that great products have to do “whatever it takes” to make money and certainly don’t have to prey on their own users’ data to do so. I believe that great products (and companies) can build sustainable businesses that respect and protect the rights of the user and keep the integrity of their engagement high.

I believe that any organization that eventually finds its chief motive as being money becomes a sad and regretful business, easily forgotten in the history books and quickly left behind as there will be plenty of other money-hungry alternatives that will attract those same users.

There’s gotta be a better reason to build a product and company.