Getting, Managing Feedback via DevMate

One of the things I’m really excited about in terms of using DevMate is some of the internal tools available to the Mac Developer, such as “Feedback” from the users (beyond just analytics).

As you can see below, there’s an internal web-based dashboard that allows me to see all the direct feedback that I get from the users, most typically from clicking an option in the “Help” menu inside the app.


I think this will go a very long way and I’m excited to use it as a way of not only understanding user behavior but also their needs and desires for features, etc.

Of course, any bug reports will probably go in here as well and I can triage and manage with relative ease. I can’t wait to put this into practice and see how it works out.

This is a categorically different approach than what I did for Desk where I’ve set up an entire community forum to capture and manage some of those issues. I wonder, though, if this will be a better solution for even that app…

We’ll have to see.