FeedBurner RSS Redirect WordPress Plugin

Redirect those RSS Feeds to Feedburner!

After releasing the very long tutorial and walk through on optimizing your FeedBurner Settings I wanted to follow-up with a WordPress Plugin that’ll help you easily redirect your WordPress’ native RSS Feed to FeedBurner automatically!

It’s a very simple concept and setting it up takes only a few seconds!

  1. Lets you input the feed URL.
  2. Lets you input the comment feed URL as well.

Sweet, right? Here are some other things that are built-in:

  • Plugin handles malformed URL’s. For example, it will prepend “http://” when necessary.
  • It’s localized so it’s translation ready!

Finally, you may have to do a hard-refresh on your feeds once its installed – it’s a server issue and not a plugin issue!

Ready to get it? Download it directly here!

FeedBurner, as I’ve shared before, is a great way to track, analyze, and monetize your RSS Feed.

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