Feeding (Building) the Community

Part of the exciting thing about indie apps is the reality that you can build a pretty tight and passionate group of loyal followers and fans around your product.


This reality still blows my mind, by the way, despite the fact that I’ve seen it happen a handful of times in my own life. I mean, people spending time (and money) on the very things that you build is euphoric; there’s nothing quite like it.

And, in the very rare moment that you get to encounter someone IRL, and sometimes in the most random of places, is also striking and extremely pleasurable. To have someone come face-to-face with you and tell you that they use and love your product is just the very best! Makes my day every single time.

With Teeny Tokyo I’m building a new community around another small indie app. What’s neat about this particular group of people is that they are passionate about utility and simplicity – they just need things to get done.

But with that utility they like to have fun, just as I like to have fun with the work that I do. That’s why I’ve spent so much of my time investing in the design aspects of Teeny Tokyo and even the brand icon and mascot, Teeny.

Sure, at the end of the day, Teeny Tokyo is a image resizing and editing tool – there’s not much more to it than that, if I’m to be completely intellectually honest. But viscerally it’s a baby godzilla eating images because he’s hungry (instead of people, cars, and cities).

I think that’s cool, and that’s part of the community that I’m building. Take it for what you will.