A Feminist Son


“Our daughters are allowed to be human beings, and our sons are taught to be robotic,” he said. “Teach him that he has a full range of emotions, to stop and say, ‘I’m not angry; I’m scared, or my feelings are hurt, or I need help.’”

How is one to raise a feminist son?

  1. Let him cry.
  2. Give him role models.
  3. Let him be himself.
  4. Teach him to take care of himself.
  5. Teach him to take care of others.
  6. Share the work.
  7. Encourage friendships with girls.
  8. Teach “no means no”.
  9. Speak up when others are intolerant.
  10. Never use “girl’ as an insult.
  11. Read a lot, including about girls and women.
  12. Celebrate boyhood.

So roughhouse, crack jokes, watch sports, climb trees, build campfires. Teach boys to show strength — the strength to acknowledge their emotions. Teach them to provide for their families — by caring for them. Show them how to be tough — tough enough to stand up to intolerance. Give them confidence — to pursue whatever they’re passionate about.