My favorite color in the world is orange — this is pretty obvious for anyone who knows me as I can’t seem to not tell everyone that I meet. It is an amazing hue.

Recently, as I shared in a vlog (around minute 5), I got some new lettering on my left-arm. This is my 7th tattoo and as I mentioned, I’m done at this point:

via the vlog

The hit list includes:

  1. “Lee” just above my left ankle, my very first when I was in college.
  2. A “cross” that took the first one and “embedded” it into the design, same location. Pretty badass actually because you’d never know the 1st one was there.
  3. “Rom 8” on my wrist. Crazy story about that.
  4. A larger “Hello World” on my right leg.
  5. Buster Sword on my right thigh.
  6. Portal” on my left arm.
  7. And now my favorite color that I also used in YEN’s brand.

I’m done now. It hurts and even this small one I was thinking “… ouch, wtf, why.” I’m also getting a bit older and… should 40-year olds be getting ink done? My skin is getting old too and can’t really handle this abuse and so it’s all getting not-so-nice on there.

It feels complete.