One Final Look and Review…

Before I start really building out and engineering the core product I’ve taken a few moments to review some of my other concepts and see if there are any “gems” that I want to keep.

For instance, take a look at this one below:


It’s a much different user experience than this one here, right?

It’s more self-contained and a lot of the features are present right in the main view.

The motive is simple: I’m always open to change, even at the very last moment, and I’m going to take the weekend to review this (and a few others) and see if anything strikes me as an opportunity to pursue or to flesh out a bit more.

The reality is that once I start coding I’m somewhat “locked” into what I’m going to be building and want to focus the very limited time and energy that I have to getting to a v1.0.

It’s not that I can’t change in real-time or on the fly, it’s just that this “thrashing” of product development (i.e. back-and-forth) isn’t worth the headache.

So, this weekend will be one of rest and reflection before I start heading into the hardcore engineering.